An opportunity full of fantastic emotions.

We organize special events on Lake Como:
congresses, meetings, corporate retreats, product launches, exhibitions, motivational courses and seminars… and more!

We offer new solutions for marketing and organization
that will make your event unique and unforgettable.



We will start from a chat with the company reference persons to know the objectives we want to reach with the event (information, involvement, motivation, etc.).

We will deepen the initial idea in detail to define the type of event most suitable for satisfying your needs.

One of the fundamental aspects is identifying and determining the budget you want to invest in the realization of the event.

It will be important to verify that the chosen date does not overlap with others in the Lake Como area because they could in some way interfere with the logistics.

We will run a checklist and a roadmap to monitor progress and change strategies and objectives.



Living and working in the area, we start with an excellent personal knowledge of the places and locations and therefore it will be easier to move in the right direction in a short time to find the most suitable structure for the event in question in terms of size, comfort, safety and appeal.

Whether it is a meeting, a training event or a conference, it is essential to make the participants feel at ease and in the right atmosphere.
Talking about location however means generally referring to an infinity of different places that can be chosen based on a series of parameters and characteristics of the event.

Then, after finalizing all the details, we will contact all the service providers: catering for coffee breaks, gala and buffet dinners, lights, audio and video service, translations and so on.
For events such as seminars, congresses, events no profit, etc., we also take care of sending invitations to participants.



We will also include transport for event planning.

We work with companies that offer different logistics services: car transfers, minivans or minibuses, boat trips and even helicopter rides.

Standard services but also more refined, complete and luxury services, to ensure that everything is in keeping with the type of people who will take part in the event, in terms of quality and usability.
The goal is to make travel easier for the organizers and participants of the event.

To ensure the success of an event, it is important to consider professional figures such as hostesses and stewards and also a security service.

Whether it is a private event or a corporate event such as a product launch, a fashion show, a concert or a show, it is good to give importance and value to the reception and security staff, who will return a good first company impression.



We will then do a ‘storytelling’ of the event because every moment can be foreseen in detail, in order to make it as interesting as possible for its contents, but above all to be able to arouse emotions and be unforgettable.

That’s why we will also think about how to entertain, amaze and excite the participants. The possibilities are many and vary according to the type of event and personal tastes: theater shows, cooking shows, sports activities, costumed shows, team building, theme parties , music, etc …
The important thing is that everything is consistent with the objectives of the event.

An aspect of the corporate event that is absolutely not negligible is the engagement from the social point of view, with which it will be possible to involve the participants also in the follow up phase.

It is important to consider hiring a professional who makes live blogging at your event.