Marketing excellence makes the difference!

However, digital maturity goes hand in hand with organizational maturity.
If we add the inclusion of specific skills and experiences in the team and the creation of strategic partnerships, the path to success will certainly be easier to follow.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategies and techniques use web channels to develop your commercial network, analyzing market trends to predict their progress and create ad hoc offers to “make your potential customers fall in love with your service or product”. To achieve your goal, we will use SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, e-mail marketing, lead generation, affiliate programs alongside, if necessary, traditional sales strategies.


By now 50% of advertising spending globally is on the internet:
keyword search advertising, banners, video advertising, social, e-mail marketing, pop-ups, mobile advertising, retargeting, etc.
This increase is certainly driven by the constant and rapid improvement of technology.
Great advertising platforms are definitely Google and Facebook (for example) which offer simple and self-service tools to plan and manage campaigns on targeted audience.
This is certainly very positive and tempting, however their potential is not often fully exploited.

Consequently, we will ensure that your economic resources are not unnecessarily dispersed “on the net”.

We work to help you achieve industry leadership:
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Marketing Glossary…

SEM means the set of strategies aimed at positioning your website at the top of the list of search engine results.
SEM first includes organic positioning (SEO) but, above all, paid positioning through advertising campaigns (with AdWords, for example).
One of the most used methods is the PPC (pay-per-click) model: the keywords considered most used in the research carried out by the potential customer are defined and the search engine will position us in the sponsored results (those that appear as main results in the engine of search, identified with the word “announcement”). The cost of the advertising campaign will be calculated based on the number of times users click on the advertisement when they search on the search engine.


For SEO we mean the set of strategies that are put into practice to increase the visibility of a website in search engines.
For example, if I search on Google for “Hotels in Bellagio”, those websites that have a greater correspondence with these keywords will appear first.
The main techniques to improve your SEO are: optimization of the site structure, textual content, link management and the use of targeted keywords.
Doing SEO means, in short, creating rich and relevant content with the words with which we want to be found.


Email marketing is the most direct way of marketing with your audience.
Newsletter and DEM must be distinguished.
Users really like to receive newsletters with dedicated offers, product usage tips, previews on new products etc. This is an operation that is carried out after we have a personalized mailing list, which has been created over time. It is the best tool to keep up the interest of a potential customer who already knows us or loyalty even more who has been our customer.
The newsletter is a communication sent periodically.
By DEM, however, we mainly mean an advertising campaign aimed at obtaining a conversion, a concrete action, which can be the purchase of a product or the booking of a service.


By lead generation we mean a set of marketing actions aimed at acquiring and generating a list of contacts really interested in the activities carried out by your company.
This business model connects customers who have a concrete interest in the products and services offered by your company that have the goal of getting in touch: they will spontaneously leave their data to be contacted or to obtain benefits (discounts and dedicated offers) and specific communications.


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